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OldiesONfoldies 10-10-09 05:52 PM

Foldies in Borneo
Hi Folks,

Just went on a tour to Sabah, Borneo on 4 foldies. A tikit, KHS Cuppaccino, Dahon Speed TR and an Aeon (Dahon) through some very tough and challenging roads. The wonderful thing about foldies is its ability to fly without incurring extra sports equipment charges on planes. I also appreciated being able to squeeze 4 foldies and 5 people in a MPV taxi plus the ability to jump onto a bus easily. Of course, being able to put the bikes in our tiny hotel rooms gave us tremendous peace of mind.

The downsides were the performance cannot match my Surly LHT especially when it comes to tackling the long climbs and hi-speed descends. Also, luggage capacity is a bit compromised but if you are not in a hurry, and require multi-modal transporting, this is the way to go. We will do it again! Touring on foldies opens up a new way to see a country.

I was particularly tickled when the taxi vultures (who were asking crazy fares) at the bus terminal could not believe their eyes when we magically brought out 4 foldies from our bags and rode off to our hotel. Do check out my blog if you are keen to read more.

Oldy :)

Rosie8 10-11-09 08:25 AM

Very cool trip. How did your KHS folder compare to the other bikes? I've read a lot about how good the Tikits are for travel. You rarely hear much about the KHS folders. Will be sure to read your blog too for more pictures and commentary. Thanks for posting.

OldiesONfoldies 10-11-09 05:09 PM

Hi Rosie,

Thks for reading abt the trip. The KHS Cuppa that I used was a highly modified one with XTR RD, upgraded brakes, double chain ring etc so I can only comment that the one I used performed flawlessly. It carried 3 panniers and was still able to climb most hills.

But it felt very heavy, and the folding mechanism was rather simple. Folded, it needed a bungee cord to bring everything together but I think for its entry level price, it did the job brilliantly. It also uses 18" wheels so not easy to find spare tire/tube (like Birdy).

I was largely very impressed with this mod version of the KHS. Hope that helps.

boston blackie 10-11-09 08:03 PM

Your blog is way cool. After reading about your trip I perused some back issues. I loved Thai commercials. They are hilarious.

ChainlessRev 10-12-09 06:41 AM


Nice "little" trip - great pictures & descriptions! You need to join the Amazing Race with those bikes.

(Liked the food pictures too - some pretty exotic treats.)

OldiesONfoldies 10-14-09 01:36 AM

Thks for your kind comments. Will try to post a dedicated page on the wonderful food we ate, esp the incredible seafood! I guess we foldies love cycling AND eating too!

ChainlessRev 10-14-09 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by OldiesONfoldies (Post 9854624)
Thks for your kind comments. Will try to post a dedicated page on the wonderful food we ate, esp the incredible seafood! I guess we foldies love cycling AND eating too!

The fuel must come from somewhere right?!

Foldable Two 10-14-09 09:37 AM

Very adventurous trip, especially on folders. You did a great job of documenting it, too.

Can relate to one thing you described, and that's the twice aborted landing on arrival. Had a similar, and also unsettling, experience going into Florence, Italy last year. Wife has not been too interested in flying since.

(Likely the older oldies on foldies!)

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