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KUJO2388 10-11-09 09:22 PM

Compatti? For new rider.
I am 21 years old, 6'2" and about 200 pounds. I am new to riding. I had bikes growing up, but I am looking for a good starter bike, I want a folding bike so I will be able to take my bike everywhere with me. I plan on riding 7-10 miles every other day. Maybe more. I will be riding on asphalt and some dirt roads. I have researched and found the Compatti bike company. I like that they are local, they are about an hour drive from me. And they meet the criteria for being a folding bike. I just cant find any reviews for them. Good or bad. Here is a link to the bike I am looking at getting


Lalato 10-11-09 10:22 PM

These look like typical inexpensive Chinese imports. Nothing wrong with that, but it's very doubtful you will get a review for them here. You can often find these on eBay for about the same price (or less).

That doesn't mean you shouldn't get the bike. If after you test ride it, along with a few other brands/models, you decide that this is the best option, I say go for it.

And be sure to tell us all about your experience. :)


KUJO2388 10-12-09 04:58 PM

Nobody else has any info on the company or the bikes?

juan162 10-13-09 03:01 AM

The fact that nobody on here has answered should give you all the answer you need. As sam said, this is clearly one of the generic Chinese made folders that are so prolific these days on ebay and other sites. That's about all you need to means the bike will have inexpensive componentry and be heavy. IMHO I would go with a Downtube and failing that, a Citizen folding bike.
It's noble to want to purchase from a local company and can also make life easier, as it is easier to get support from a company in your own back yard. However, in this case, I personally would go with a better known brand.

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