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stevegor 10-14-09 06:34 PM

R20 SS with BoB trailer
I think my non folding R20 was known as a "Shopper"? My BoB is the off-road Ibex with suspension.

Well, here's the scenario,

My daughter asked me to venture down to Aldi and pick up a camping swag for her. It's about 1 1/2 mtrs long and fairly bulky. Methinks to meself..."Ah ha, looks like another job for R20 & da BoB".

So off I go, pick it up, strap it down and take the long way home, did I happen to mention it was raining?

R20, BoB and rider all did well.

Will send pic as soon as my thievin' son gives me back the cord for my camera

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