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EvilV 10-16-09 01:30 AM

Andrew Ritchie gets an award for the B

Diode100 10-16-09 01:53 AM

Better than nothing, but you'd have thought that they could at least have made him a Knight, given some of the nere-do-wells that have been honoured in recent years, still maybe there was a big wad of money that came with the award.

ChainlessRev 10-16-09 07:12 AM


echotraveler 10-16-09 07:50 AM

is Dr. Moulton a Knight?

im very happy for Brompton! i wish i coudl have one! they look vey stylish!

Lewis Butler 10-16-09 05:04 PM

Originally Posted by echotraveler (Post 9868239)
is Dr. Moulton a Knight?

According to Wikipedia he holds a CBE which is one step down from being an actual Knight.

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