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samanosuke 10-25-09 08:43 AM

Brompton Colours App - main frame and extremities
Hi guys, I've made a simple flash application which lets you choose the different colours of the main frame and extremities of a brompton, which I'd like to share with you all:

When I caught brompton fever, I went into photoshop and stitched bits of images together to create my dream brompton. I don't think there is already an app out there for this, so decided yesterday to create one. No more guessing if the green frame will go with pink any more!

Enjoy ;)

Lewis Butler 10-25-09 10:17 PM

Really nice, Sam.

Any chance you could make an extended version with non matching extremities? I'd like to see mainframe, rear triangle, front forks & stem all different colours :-)

Also any plans to add raw lacquer and titanium frame options? Could you possibly have the colour names in the colour picker?

PDR 10-26-09 03:10 AM

Looks very good, although you have left out the best finish = Raw Lacquer !
Oh and someone has already beaten you to it, sorry:

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