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TrekJapan 04-21-10 02:10 AM

Infectious Folding Bike
Took my MuP8 on a work project to a small island near Okinawa. While there's a break in the action I take my bike which is stashed under a desk and go PT. I'm pretty much the only guy on site with mobility. My co-worker is discussing getting a folding bike for this project as well.

Space is limited where we are and there are a lot of people yet my folded bike stays cleanly out of the way. I'm living in Oki right now and taking a boat back and forth to work and dragging the bike along. Logistically a tiny PITA but not too bad and I always have a ride.

When we extract in the evenings or for lunch we radio for a van to pick us up and wait. While everybody else is waiting I'm unfolding and riding to the destination. Not only am I usually getting there first, I'm humping about 30 km a day and getting a fair workout.

Will probably take off tomorrow and while my co-worker takes off with the rental car I've still got mobility to run around Okinawa. Bike fits nicely in the closet in the room on base and I don't have to worry about theft or weather.

I've had folders for a while but am just getting the hang of what they are for and exploiting that for all its worth.


snafu21 04-21-10 02:16 AM

Why are you the only person in Japan without a digital camera? Hmmm?

Lalato 04-21-10 07:57 AM

Snafu has read my mind.

snafu21 04-21-10 08:39 AM

We want the finest pictures of folding bicycles available to humanity, and we want them now.

djgonzo007 04-21-10 12:22 PM

The mobility and flexibility folders present is awesome. I have an MuP8 as well and I use it to commute to work (9 miles one way) and school (about 1.5 miles from door step to classroom). I take my bike with me when we go up to LA to visit my in laws. While my wife is carting the kids around with her family I'll jump on my bike and ride over to USC or UCLA to get some research done. I've had a folder now going on two years and like you, continue to find new ways to use the bike.

mulleady 04-22-10 03:41 AM

trekjapan please report from base with pictures please lol! Sounds fascinating :-)

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