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Chop! 04-22-10 12:30 PM

Hoorah! It's "Spezi" time again!
Hi fellow folderoonies

It's that Spezi time of year again and 15 able Foldies, my goodself and our 2nd driver will leave, in my sleeper bus, tomorrow to another fabulous adventure in deepest Germany.
One intrepid soul has ridden there and is joining us on our arrival.
I popped in to see that nice man Mark Sanders last night, he has kindly loaned me some bikes for us to try out :-

A 2-speed, 18" wheel Strida with the new adjustable saddle

An early Swivelhead prototype (fore-runner to the iF range) which is very light & nimble

One of ten iF Modes that was made with a double freewheel (allows it to be pushed in either direction when folded, without snagging the pedals)

And a diminutive Pacific Carry-Me

I will be posting lots of pics etc in the near future.

Wish there was room to take you all! :thumb:

Vorsprung Durch foldingitus! :lol:

vmaniqui 04-22-10 12:48 PM

enjoy the trip and please post some pics....

Dynocoaster 04-22-10 02:45 PM

How far is it from Wales to the party in Germany? Have a great time.

SesameCrunch 04-22-10 07:25 PM

Sounds like a great adventure, you lucky dog!

juan162 04-22-10 07:41 PM

Have a great time!

Chop! 04-23-10 03:10 AM

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Thanks for all your good wishes! For any of you that have never heard of "Spezi", it is an annual show for 'Spezi-alised' bikes, trikes & velomobiles & it's held in the beautiful German town, Germersheim.

Spezi 2010

Here are a few pics of our 'try-out' ride near my girlfriend's house :-

Azreal911 04-23-10 07:04 AM

my gosh that's alot of toys Mark gave you to try out! looks like you are going to have a blast in germany!

brommie 04-24-10 02:25 AM

Can't make it this year, so please post lots of pics . . .

Lassy 05-01-10 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by brommie (Post 10716380)
Can't make it this year, so please post lots of pics . . .


gdlerner 05-02-11 01:24 AM

here my some of my pictures

Chop! 05-08-11 11:59 AM

Unfortunately, due to a 5 week tour in Europe with Pendragon, I was not able to take the Velonauts this year ;0( So thanks for the great pics.

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