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TrekJapan 04-25-10 02:33 AM

Dahon Anti Aircraft
Transitioned from Okinawa Japan today to Ie Shima Japan, a small island just off the northwest coast. Over here working for a while. Got my MuP8 out today and took a ride around the perimeter of the island, stopped at a local festival and then just cruised and took photos. Windy as all get out but beautiful.

Will be bike commuting as much as humanly possible as well.

Couple of pics from today.


snafu21 04-25-10 02:37 AM


geo8rge 04-26-10 07:21 AM

The friendly Japanese show their support for folding bicycles.

Brimstone 04-26-10 11:51 PM

Hmmm, looks like a ZSU-2 but it must be Asian.
Don't those signs say "Yankee go home!" ?

TrekJapan 04-27-10 02:50 AM

It is a Japanese AA gun. I have no idea the designation but I'll look soon and see if there is a data plate on it. If memory serves I remember seeing one on there before. It's walking distance from my hotel just in what appears to be someone's yard or parking area.

I should have turned the Dahon the other direction and maybe the curves and angles would have matched up better.


TrekJapan 04-27-10 03:08 AM

I'm pretty sure that photo is from the demonstrations to close MCAS Futenma in Okinawa on Sunday. The theme color was yellow so I'm guessing that's where the photo is from.


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