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snafu21 04-25-10 08:47 AM

Folders on film -Cykel
Excellent Swedish TV film with English dialogue, Swedish commentary. Bicycles and art. David Byrne on a rebar Dahon, Bromptons aplenty, and much more: 28 mins.

"SVT is Sweden's equivalent of the BBC and "Kobra" is their Culture Show in the arts and entertainment department. This last week's show titled Cykel is 28 minutes 51 seconds devoted to cycling love including our favourite part; a profile on Camille McMillan, photographer for the excellent Rouleur magazine while he works on his collaboration with Team Sky's Michael Barry on the latter's forthcoming book Le Métier. "I'm pursuing legs this weekend."

Apart from a profile on Mikael Coolville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and a fascinating documentary on Talking Heads' David Byrne as he cycles around London & Manila, the views you don't get to see on Eurosport of the peleton clattering across Belgian cobbles at photographer's lens level are some of the parts we loved.

And McMillan, holding old-school film spools in his teeth as he shoots the passing Sky riders, makes telling comments about his relationship with cycling, "There's a feeling - you can smell it - it's so exciting. I've been trying to get away from it for years - I can't - it's in me too deep to stop taking pictures of bicycles and being around bicyles it's just part of me."

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