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JeremyZ 04-27-10 09:24 PM

3 Folders in the same train car on the way home today!
Just as I was pulling up to the train station on the way home from work today, another dude was bagging his Dahon Boardwalk. (single speed)

I introduced myself, and bagged my Curve D3. We chatted about the virtues of folders for a few minutes until the train roared up.

We got on board and went to the handicapped section, where we're allowed to be, and lo and behold, there's another guy with a folded up Dahon in a bag. We had some good camaraderie on the way home. Everyone was staring at us. The conductor came up and said: "What's going on HERE?" I said: "Nothing, this is just where the smart people sit."

Usually, us folder-riders are the loners of the bike world. At least in the US, it seems like we make up less than 1% of bikers. To have three of us in one train car at once, it is like a solar eclipse.

Just thought I'd share the half hour that made my day.

Geekybiker 04-28-10 10:13 AM

7pm NCS line perhaps?

I know one Dahon rider on that line fairly often, and I'm on it occasionally too.

Most days I'm on UPNW, but I haven't run into any dahon riders there despite knowning there is at least one other on the line, and seeing a speed d7 locked in front of OTC repeatedly.

tedi k wardhana 04-28-10 05:59 PM

sounds nice.
even though I am a loner myself (because of irregular working hours)
I often hear nice stories from my suburban folder friends,
that on friday mornings, the number can reach 11 in one traincar....!

JugglerDave 04-28-10 06:47 PM

I'm pretty sure there are at least 3 'regulars' on my Amtrak train which runs from Philadelphia to Harrisburg. One guy has a yellow "classic" folder (is it a Raleigh? I don't know). Another has a silver Dahon. I've got the Red Downtube 8H. There used to be a young lady who was a teacher in Lancaster PA with a green Dahon.

Hmm, just yesterday I hit 1000 bike-related one-way work commutes. 904 of them on Amtrak with my folder.

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