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Carlos71 04-28-10 03:51 PM

VW Bik.e
It folds (a lot) and it's electric. A concept from VW going into production?

donheff 04-29-10 05:35 AM

Too bad it's not a real eBike (pedals). If it was it could go on roads and trails (in the US).

jur 04-29-10 05:59 AM

That frame can't house much of battery. Probably enough to get you to the parking meter though.

bhkyte 04-29-10 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by donheff (Post 10739939)
Too bad it's not a real eBike (pedals). If it was it could go on roads and trails (in the US).

+1 on not having pedals as a disadvantage for leisure transport.

However it does make the transport option only more compact not having chains etc. It is a good idea to fit a bike in the spare tyre section. The round shape has been seen before as a prototype folding bike before, but not as an electric bike. At the moment one would opt for the Go BIke still.

Interesting development.

Azreal911 04-29-10 06:49 AM

to me that's actually a pretty good design, it fits in the car spare tire section and to get more people not using their car i'm all for it. He didn't have to worry about pedals since I don't think they have that law in china and that's where most of those electric scooters are from. They might tweak the design a bit if they ever decide to release it in north america. But I doubt it'll be released here because we don't have anywhere the cycling usage per capita as china, north am is a car nation :(.

rhm 04-29-10 09:16 AM

I agree, it needs pedals.

But the design has some cool features. It looks good. I like the way it fits in the spare tire compartment. More useful than a spare tire, assuming you can get somewhere on it.

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