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phillyskyline 04-30-10 12:57 PM

Brompton rear fender issue
I took my rear wheel off today to do some thorough cleaning. (There was so much compacted dirt in the derailleur pulleys, it was unreal!) I got the wheel back on just fine, but now the fender is rubbing against it ever so slightly. I don't know what I did wrong to cause this problem in the first place, and I can't seem to fix it. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

>>ECB<< 04-30-10 05:22 PM

You've probably tweaked the fender stays on one side. Press slowly but firmly on the stays in the opposite direction, until they bend back to where they should be.


phillyskyline 05-02-10 05:06 PM

Thanks, ECB-- that was exactly the problem and I figured it out shortly after posting this! I'm glad it was nothing serious. I did find a mysterious "extra" washer after I put the wheel back on (oops).

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