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>>ECB<< 04-30-10 09:09 PM

Folding Optima Baron lowracer at Spezi 2010
This has been burning up the recumbent boards...and when you take a look, you'll see why.

My take? The folding speed and folded size would be impressive for any bike with a "full-sized" rear wheel. When you consider that this is a recumbent, its performance is really something else. :thumb:


EriktheFish 05-01-10 08:33 AM

That's one of the coolest folds I've seen.

Lalato 05-01-10 01:45 PM


jur 05-01-10 03:59 PM

Very clever. One can see lots of development went into that one.

Bubba Zanetti 05-01-10 07:00 PM

Very cool!

Azreal911 05-01-10 09:17 PM

I..... WANT one! how much!?!?!? and where?!
I always wanted a recumbent but the size was always turning me off! this can change some recumbent ownership!

DVC45 05-02-10 08:24 AM

Someday, when I hit the Lotto jackpot...

gnome 05-02-10 07:28 PM

very very cool. I want one.

chainstrainer 05-05-10 04:47 PM

I ride a Baron and would love for it to fold like that. It is one LONG bike to transport otherwise. Very clever work!

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