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tmac100 05-02-10 01:35 AM

Broke a Brompton crank
In January I got my son a used M6L Brommie. He now tells me that he needs a new crank arm because he broke the one on the chainwheel side.

Is there an alternative to using a genuine Brommie crank arm? Fortunately, he lives in Toronto Canada where parts are available, but I think the crank arm will be expensive.

Comments please. TIA.

snafu21 05-02-10 02:46 PM

I know zip about Brommies, but the cranksets look to be only slightly 'too expensive', on a par with mid-range Shimano stuff. If he's replacing that, and the bike is used, will it make sense to fit a new chain and sprocket too, or are funds tight?

ddez 05-02-10 07:17 PM

I know they had the odd one breaking with the older style crank arms, they were grooved out in back or something like that and they have since built a "new and improved" beefier one. Not sure of years.

thatsut 05-06-10 04:48 AM


Originally Posted by tmac100 (Post 10752975)
Is there an alternative to using a genuine Brommie crank arm?

yeap i have a brompton and i dont use a standard crank. So your options....

buy a crank puller and go round a few places where you can get cheap parts trying which cranks that firstly fit. secondly (and most importantly) still allow you to fold the bike.

option two the more expensive option

or take the bike to a bike shop and tell them to do the above.

option three even more expensive option , but probably the most simple.

just replace the crank like for like.

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