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gdlerner 05-02-10 02:25 PM

Bike Friday Stem
hi guys
looks this part stem(or what ever you call it),I don t really like it on my BF,I already change it one time,but this is not a good solution,maybe someone has a better one.You can see on the pictures

kegoguinness 05-02-10 03:12 PM

Call or email Bike Friday for a start. Tell them about the problem and send them the photos. They will replace for free. But if I understand you, you would rather have a different stem? Ask about their new folding stem and if it would alleviate the problem you have. Tell them (and us) the type of riding you do, the mileage on this stem riser, your size, the bike frame size, etc. Good luck

gdlerner 05-02-10 03:42 PM

do you also ride BF?and dont have this problem.I think that 1 year ago they replace the stem,but I will email them,maybe the new folding stem is better.

Foldable Two 05-02-10 09:24 PM

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What's the problem with it???

The new folding stem uses the same basic part, but with a Hex Bolt, not a Quick Release.

It is a very solid set-up, per the 40 miles my wife put on her folding stem equipped Crusoe this weekend.

Have to say though, we have never had any problems with the "stock" QR set-up on any of our four Fridays.


gdlerner 05-03-10 12:20 AM

Foldable Two ,I dont fold my bike a lot only when I put it on a suitcase,but like you can see on the pictures ,the space is getting small ,that in a future will not adjust anymore (I hope you understand me)
For put the bike on the suitcase with the new folding stem do you need to dismantle more parts of the stem?

Foldable Two 05-03-10 11:23 AM

Looks like your clamp is bent a bit - due to tightening (and maybe over tightening, too). Assume the QR bolt is bent, too. Also, bike doesn't look super new - maybe a new, replacement part is in order?

We don't have suitcases for our bikes - we normally travel with a small folding trailer behind our SUV and the bikes mount on a board in the rear of the SUV. My guess is that the bikes would NOT fit in a suitcase without the folding stem removed from the bike. It's just too tall, even when folded. I think it was designed to make BF's better folders, not better suitcase packers.


gdlerner 05-03-10 01:28 PM

foldable two,my bike is only 3 years old and was packed every time I fly (maybe 7 times)really no much for a folding bike? And I dont think that Iam really tightening to much the qr,anyway I already sended an mail to bf we will see what they answer

Foldable Two 05-03-10 03:29 PM

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I'd agree - give them a call.

Here's mine after 2 1/2 yrs (the last 1 1/2 at the beach has taken its toll).

The gap on mine is a bit wider. I would bet either one of them would crack or break before they cease to function properly.

jur 05-03-10 03:45 PM

Having welded-on pinch flanges causes the metal to stretch. Aluminium would crack. Far better to have a separate collar around it.

gdlerner 05-04-10 12:07 AM

jur do you have an example with a separate collar

gdlerner 05-05-10 12:02 AM

Hi guys hier BF answer to my problem

"It is normal for the stem clamp to stretch over time and for
the tabs to get closer together. One possible remedy is to replace the
quick releases with solid bolts. They are thicker and tend to pull the
stem tight better."

jur 05-05-10 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by gdlerner (Post 10761783)
jur do you have an example with a separate collar

Basically, you have to grind/file off the flanges and put a seatpost clamp around it.

Alternatively, file the slot open again.

Foldable Two 05-05-10 11:15 AM

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Originally Posted by jur (Post 10767185)
Basically, you have to grind/file off the flanges and put a seatpost clamp around it.

Alternatively, file the slot open again.

Filing it a bit would be fairly easy. Also, note the "bolt" closure on the similar collar that secures the new folding stem - a good example of Jur's suggestion. Because of the shape of the collar - and likely it's size, too - the use of a seat post clamp is not possible.

Note, that the vertically adjustable part of the folding stem (the silver section) is held in place with BF's standard seat post clamp, not a QR..


gdlerner 05-05-10 11:40 AM

Thanks a lot guys

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