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ddez 05-03-10 06:11 PM

Brompton s-bag
I have a s-bag which i find really settles the steering down on my Brompton, but i like my responsive slightly twitchy steering and like being able to see my front wheel,also i find it causes alot of wind resistance. Im thinking i will sell s-bag and go with a saddle type bag(Carradice maybe)
Anybody use a saddle bag like a Carradice on a folder? Im wondering if it upsets the handling much being up that high?

ddez 05-04-10 12:12 AM

Ok, so i didnt think the above through before posting or someone would have said something(22 looked but no comments). Actually ive not seen pics. of any folders with saddle bags. So ill take the type s-bag, cause its only bag i got handy and tie it to saddle somehow and add some weight and try it out, if it doesnt affect handling too bad ill order some kinda saddle bag.

nekohime 05-04-10 01:09 AM

When I go shopping on the brommie I use a front bag and a klickfix shopper bag on the seatpost. The bike handles ok as long as I don't overload the rear by putting more than the equivalent of a gallon of milk.

edit: the shopper sits kinda high on the seatpost, because I tie the handles to the saddle rails for extra support. I'll try to get a pic of the setup..

John Cook 05-04-10 08:34 AM

I am a 100kg user.If you are light weight there aint a problem but otherwise I would recoomend you keep as much weight on the front as possible.The problems I have expwerienced overloading the back carrier well as broken spokes/off true wheel problems... are that if the seatpost bends ever so slightly,then it doesnt slot into the frame on folding.without a fight..Think Brompton may have designed the front carrier with this in mind..

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