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jefmcg 05-07-10 06:04 AM

Three cool things on my commute
1) In Kensington, a cute little tot (girl, 8-10 years) on a Brompton. On her own, in school uniform.
2) Hyde Park Corner: another mezzo, with the same commuter trunk bag I purchased last week.
3) By the time I get home tonight, it will be 100 miles of folding cycle commuting this week - and Monday was a holiday!

Niked 05-09-10 06:08 AM

Very cool, and fun miles too. ;) Good for you!

kegoguinness 05-09-10 12:13 PM

I like your post. I'll add my own "3 cool things on my commute". T hese are general and daily, though but what the heck:

1) bus drivers that let me fold and bring my Tikit onto the bus. Only one has hassled me, and she relented :)

2) The guy who hands out the "Express" newspaper (mini Washington Post) to commuters and always chats with me when I pull up to the train station or calls out to me if I ride past to the next station.

3) Riding up to the front door of the office, then wheeling my bike to the office closet. No hunting for a parking space!

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