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ulugeyik 05-10-10 02:57 AM

Best place to buy a brompton?

Other than second-hand ones (which I am looking and I am quite interested in), what are the best places to buy a brompton in Europe? Either being physically in that country (say if, UK is cheaper than Spain, I am willing to buy it in UK and carry it in my luggage) or by mail-order.

Specially, are there on-line stores with good offers on older models that I should watch?

I am new to Europe so still learning where to look and often get lost in multitude of languages :)

Thinking of buying a pair, so even modest differences in prices are worth considering.


snafu21 05-10-10 03:37 AM

In the UK, Fudges, and Evans in London both offer good service, and have sent me bikes with no hassles, Fudges have been known to ship abroad. Whether you'll be able to pick up a 2009 model at a discount, I do not know. There are Brompton dealers in Madrid and Barcelona. Uk dealers often have waiting lists for anything other than stock models, I believe. Fudges seem to list stocks quite frequently.

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