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yumseyo 05-10-10 05:08 PM

1.50 x 20 vs 1.75 x 20 tires on downtube 9
Hi all ! could some one advise me the advantage of having a 1.5 x 20 tire on the front and a 1.75 x 20 tire on the rear. I just bought a downtube 9 and it has staggered tires on it. Larger on back. I was just going to replace them with 1.75 front and rear.

chucky 05-10-10 08:35 PM

In theory since the front wheel carries less weight it doesn't need as much air to support it. So why have a heavier large-volume tire if you don't need it? Also in theory the aerodynamics of the front wheel are more important so a skinnier tire helps more there.

But realistically there's no reason to have different size tires and IMO bikes handle better when both wheels are the same. Plus if they're the same you can rotate them which saves money (not if you're replacing a perfectly good mismatch though).

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