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MarMek 06-15-10 01:37 AM

Dahon Bullhead ?
So I've spent the last few years with my Boardwalk S1 by my side pretty much all the time and had the pleasure of exploring all sorts of places around my University, like Upper Newport Bay and getting lost in Irvine, but I don't think it's up for the rest of the ridiculous amounts of abuse that happens to me on a day to day basis ("dodge the texting pedestrian in the bike lane" is not a fun game). Not to mention how I'm about to start tackling about 20+ miles of commuting per day. (But I will admit that part of this is me justifying folderitis).

Nonetheless, the utter convenience of folding has got me hooked, so I've been looking around to find some folder that can handle the abuse, be a bit more suitable towards efficient commuting, and still give me the wonderful convenience of folders.

I noticed the Bullhorn a little while ago and I really like the Nexus 7 speed hub and sheer toughness of it all, but I'm only concerned about the lockjaw folding thingamajig. The fact that in order to fold it, you need to take an Allen wrench and unscrew parts of it has me very concerned (and wracking my mind for possible jury-rigs around it). Between the train, classroom(s), train, and home, I'll be folding and unfolding it quite a few times per day. I fear that I'll end up wearing out the little parts that need to be unscrewed.

It's at the edge of my budget, so I just want to make sure I've done enough research before making a purchase.

Any thoughts on this lockjaw system that I should be aware of?

brakemeister 06-15-10 07:58 AM

I am the first to say that the lockjaw is a pretty good system ..... you can make it go kaputt though .... if you constantly mesh the teeth and forcefully clamp the screws... than eventually ( after a very long time not paying attention ) the teeth will wear and more likely the bolts will round off and you need to replace the bolts ( before) they become totally unworkable ... That boltkit is available ( albeit not cheap with 40 bucks ) ....
Its a good system which can be abused, or better lets say miss- used as the other one is pretty negative......

Having said that, for everyday 4 times folding and unfolding I would prefer a regular 20 incher or a "old" fashioned Espresso....

for once a day folding putting the bike back in the trunk after a nice ride ....I would take the Mini bike any day


BruceMetras 06-15-10 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by MarMek (Post 10964177)

Any thoughts on this lockjaw system that I should be aware of?

For your described usage, I'd pass on the lockjaw .. the Bullhead looks cool, but I think you will be spending more time than you want making sure you have it aligned and back together correctly .. you would be engaging aluminum teeth multiple times per day.. go to the Dahon board, do a search on the lockjaw Cadenza, and ask the same question there.. sounds like you are okay with a single speed .. if it were me and the folderitis bug has bitten, look at the Mu Uno.. dead simple, light, rides great, rolls when folded, folds very compact.. I use mine daily...

Azreal911 06-15-10 09:05 AM

You should be going for the hinge systems that dahon carries instead of the lockjaw. I played with it at the store on a cadenza and if you don't set it right you might end up grinding up the teeth where they meet and that's basically a ruined frame. It's great for travelling when you need a bike but for the amount of opening and closing that you are doing to it. but for you it's best to choose one of those 20 inchers with the folding hinge mechanism, because eventually you might lose the allen key one day and end up screwed with a full size bike and nowhere to put it without a lock.

Judging from the amount of folding and where you are taking it on what I read I really suggest thing one:

why this model?:
- internal gear hub so it doesn't get banged around when you are walking with it to the train and classes and less maintenance too once it's properly setup. With a derailler you usually should set it to the biggest gear so it's hiding in the wheel but we're all human and bound to forget that.

- from the pics it comes with a chainguard, which is a definite plus with you going short distances between classrooms and it's convenient to not always having to strap your pants cuffs together to prevent greasy stains on your nice slacks :) . To put a chainguard on any bike afterward is a pain so might as well get one before that.

- already comes with full fenders and a rack! what more do you need? it's made to be a commuter bike! nothing else to buy.

snafu21 06-15-10 12:02 PM

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+1 What they said.

Vitesse/Mariner/Speed frame is also a fast fold, and ya' can make a Café Racer out of 'em:

Dynocoaster 06-15-10 12:25 PM

22 pounds 8 speed hub and small fold

BruceMetras 06-15-10 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Dynocoaster (Post 10966544)
22 pounds 8 speed hub and small fold

I'd like to see that exact bike hanging from a fish scale... 22 sounds very optimistic .. I'd bet closer to 24 and then some..

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