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silverwolf 06-16-10 12:29 PM

Suggestions for a Good Folder
I've been looking at folders for travel options, and my requirements are fairly simple-

Can fit on airplanes, cars, buses, and within suitcases/rucksacks so it can be brought anywhere.

Has to have high bars and seat (I'm 6'0 but ride with a seat/bar height for someone 6'2)

Must have equivalent gearing to a typical bike (ie to make up for the tiny wheels)
-By the way, single speed or fixed would be a plus

It has to accomodate lights (one front one rear) and a small tool kit.

I don't care about cargo capacity, all i need is my rucksack for clothes/food/etc. It also doesn't need fenders, variable gears (fixed or single would be fine provided I could choose the ratio).

What's a cheap (relatively) bike that fits those requirments? Bike Fridays look very nice but I can spend nowhere near $1200 on a bicycle. Is there a used market for these things that isn't outrageous?


Dynocoaster 06-16-10 02:00 PM

Dahon Mu Uno

snafu21 06-17-10 06:24 AM

... or perhaps the spiffing Downtube Nova

Rip off the beastly dérailleur. Or, be cool, and leave it on. Some places outside Houston have hills, they say :)

Azreal911 06-17-10 07:36 AM

The nova would be the best choice, you actually get ALOT for the price with the latest dahon hinge technology. Also you can swap out that rear cassette and easily replace it another 7 speed with a wider range of gears cause I find the nova tops out at 70 something gear inches only from plugging it into the gear inches calculator (ala sheldon)

kamtsa 06-17-10 08:24 AM

Apropos Downtube Nova, I noticed recently that an eBay seller named downtube1 keeps selling new Downtube Novas such as this one:

Is it Downtube? Anybody know how much they sell for on eBay?



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