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snafu21 06-17-10 02:04 AM

Lombardo Mini-Velo Made in Italy:

NormanF 06-17-10 11:49 AM

The frame is rigid but you can detach the stem, bars and pedals to pack the bike in a small space. Incidentally, that is now the mini-velo functions in Asia, where space is at a premium.

tds101 09-21-12 09:17 AM

Well, I got my Lombardo Power 2000 today, put it together, and took it for a spin. Great bike, but it needs a serious tune-up. During shipping the chain got stuck in the shifting mechs on the pedals. All out of whack. I guess my LBS will be getting some business tomorrow.

Update: I checked out my gears, all are well. I tuned up the bike & have it running @95% ATM. I'll finish on Friday, and then get a new seat stem (so I can adjust the angle of my seat to a more safe & comfy riding position), and a adjustable stem for the handlebars (too low for meh!!!).

Now, one last comment,...this is not the fastest bike. Pretty good for my after work ride to go workout in the park. Not suited right now for commuting. Maybe later on,...but it does need tweaking/modding of the components.

I'll post pics at a later time,...and I didn't start a new thread since this is already available.

bjorke 09-21-12 02:41 PM

is this bike still made? teh original link is 404'd

Dynocoaster 09-21-12 03:14 PM

tds101 09-21-12 04:06 PM

The link in your post leads to a dead end. I managed to get one of the last P2000's.

I'm going to post a pic of it later today, after I put on my new adjustable stem & the better seat post. Then, it's test ride time!!!

Dynocoaster 09-21-12 04:15 PM

Portapedal has this

tds101 09-21-12 06:32 PM

Hot bike!!! But, they also only have 1 in stock.

tds101 09-25-12 01:09 PM

Ozonation 09-25-12 03:25 PM

tds... that is one snazzy looking bike! How does it ride? Inbetween a folder and a full size, or leaning more to one or the other?

tds101 09-25-12 06:27 PM

It actually has quite good speed, but feels more like I'm riding a BMX bike - no folder feel at all! I wasn't expecting that,... I actually expected more of a hybrid type ride. Even a bit of flex. Real stiff and controlled ride. I love the way it handles, like part of your body. I'm not used to that,...but I'll adjust. But, I find it doesn't resemble the ride my Puma gives,...that's a big boy ride. This is just FUN!!!

Now all I need is a riser bar, maybe 3", so I'm not leaning so forward. If I didn't have a rotator cuff issue I'd say it's actually great as is. This bike, with the riser stem and different seat & seat post, is wonderful.

Once my shoulder gets better I'm going to use it to get some distance riding. I may even opt for a nice drop bar. I really am impressed with it.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Heh, call me Fred!!! ;)

Ozonation 09-25-12 11:51 PM

Very cool tds... I'd be tempted to try to get one myself. My wife, however, thinks I have enough bikes... ahem... :)

tds101 09-26-12 06:59 AM

Hmm, how strange. My wife feels the same way,... :p

tds101 09-30-12 07:30 AM

K, I did an 8 mile street ride last night, and I had an issue with the front derailer. It went out of alignment, then when I made it home (thank GAWD!!!) the chain popped off and got wedged behind the crank sprockets. I gotta remove a link or 2 later today (after work) and see if there's any damage.

I may need a new chain, least. But, I'm somewhat of an aggressive rider, so I kind of expect this. I just get annoyed when it happens.

And this is my bike for riding the bike paths in Alley Pond Park & Cunningham Park in Queens, NY. I really need to get this bike tuned up correctly if I'm going to do the whole length of the connected paths.

EDIT: I fixed the problem. It's the limiting screws, and they're wonky. I'm going to end up taking it to the LBS no matter what. But, at least my chain, frame, and sprocket sustained no damage.

Now, no ride tonight - I rode my Puma to & from work today. I decided to enjoy the fact that the rain didn't fall in the morning or afternoon.

tds101 09-02-14 02:59 PM

BUMP!!! Lombardo Power2000 is still going strong! A few scuffs and such, but totally enjoyable - especially with the Xootr Swift wheelset.

Now, to get the Xootr up to speed as well,...

atombikes 09-02-14 05:11 PM

That is a very cool bike. I like it. Glad to hear it's still going strong.

tds101 09-02-14 05:49 PM

I'll post a newer pic later on. It's a bit different now, even if I do need to have the cables shortened a bit.

tds101 09-02-14 10:41 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a (nighttime, after my evening excursion) pic from my ride:

I'll post another, better, pic tomorrow during the daylight.

I do plan on putting a Dahon crank & chainring on it by the end of the year.

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