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social suicide 06-18-10 01:46 PM

Boat Bike
I know this belongs in the pootle thread but I took a nautical themed ride today.....
At the ore dock
At the maritime museum
Not a real submarine!
the old ore dock
Not actually a boat...or a dock...or dry....
The official Boat.

snafu21 06-19-10 12:24 AM

Nautical, but nice. The R20 looks trés elegant in that setting too.

Niked 06-20-10 06:40 AM

Enjoyed the pics. Looks like a great place to ride!

crackerdog 06-21-10 06:59 AM

Where I live, every day has a nautical theme. Nice pics.

brakemeister 06-21-10 07:44 AM

super super nice ....
background and of course the star of the pics ....

may I give you a very personal and certainly not from a picture expert kind a guy suggestion?

if you move the bike to the side of the pic .... more of an afterthought than dead center in the middle ... possibly on places where a bike would be sitting everyday .... than those pics would even be much better ....

but again I am not a photographer or expert in any way
Thanks Thor

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