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juliryngsd 06-19-10 02:55 PM

bike tool kits
have a question about bike tool kits, does anyone have a sugestion about a god portable one?

special_k 06-19-10 03:44 PM

portable as in bring with you on a ride or leave at home portable?
If it's the former, you can get a mini all-in-one tool with extra tubes and a pump.

xtrajack 06-19-10 04:11 PM

I have and carry a very complete tool kit. Tools for every fastener on the bike, plus, cassette lock ring tool, crankset extractor, spare cables, air pump and a chaintool. A couple of times on group rides, I was the only one with tools.

Foldable Two 06-19-10 06:20 PM

Being we do only 30-40 miles per ride, I only carry enough tools to tighten anything that may come loose on the bikes (except spokes) - that's one avg type, bike multi-tool plus a 15mm box wrench on the Dual Drive equipped bikes - and an extra inner tube and tube patch kit, plus a road morph pump. I like all the bolts to be hex bolts because it makes it all simple to deal with.

However, the tool bag I carry in the car allows me to deal with a lot more, plus has better Hex wrenches, lube and specialized tools.

IMO, keeping the bikes in shape on an ongoing basis helps in minimizing problems during rides.

Lou (From outside Boston, MA tonight)

snafu21 06-20-10 02:51 AM

i) Credit card and mobile phone.

ii) Or, in the back of my seat pack, nylon tyre levers, spare tube, and a dog-bone spanner. (On the Dahon) On my road bike, which has no nuts at all, the dog-bone is replaced by two Allen keys which fit everything. A CO2 pump is Ok, but eats money.

I feel option i) is lighter, should you be concerned about weight.

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