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havm66z 06-27-10 11:54 AM

What size is the xootr swift kickstand?
I’ve been having trouble finding a kickstand that fits my Xootr Swift at my LBS. One centre mounted one was too bulky and hit the crank arms when cycling. Another one didn’t stand the bike up properly. One rear one was way too big.

Just wondering if the kickstand is the only way to get one that fits:
Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch (Australia) reveals several results when searching “greenfield kickstand” some of which are from the USA, the smallest of which is 285mm—looking at my ruler, that seems long for a 20 inch bicycle. I suppose I could cut them with a hacksaw?

I don’t really mind if it’s on the centre or rear triangle, as long as the bicycle stands up. I think I can’t use the axle though, because there are

If I could also trouble people to have a look at the kickstands at:
Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

The individual links are:

Do you think these would fit? Probably especially the first one (blue). If I’m not mistaken, the others are rear mounted onto the axle, which may affect the “rotation preventing” nuts in the horizontal dropouts (sorry if the terminology is wrong).

I just had a thought about going to a LBS that specialises in smaller wheeled BMX bikes. I have no experience with those—do they usually have kickstands? Anyone know any LBS in Sydney Australia that specialises in those? :)

vmaniqui 06-27-10 07:52 PM

that's a greenfield kickstand. you can get this @ rei and just cut it if it's too long. cost $7.

this is what i have on my tikit. it's long so i just took my hacksaw and cut it.

fietsbob 06-27-10 09:23 PM

They ship long, with numbers corresponding to the distance
from crank axis to the ground ,
die-casting tooling was engraved so as to be like a ruler .
it is transferred to the pieces cast.

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