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cod.peace 06-28-10 09:00 AM

citizen dropout spacing?
My 6.75 year old has outgrown his Raleigh 20" bike. While he'll keep riding it this summer as he masters two-wheel riding, next spring will be time for a new bike. Due to his height, I'm thinking a folding bike would work well, and could 'grow' with him for a while, saving some coin over the long term. It would also be easy to travel with on vacation, of course.

The Citizen Gotham 2 currently holds my interest. I think the funky frame would have a certain "cool" factor for the little guy, and it seems to be a well received bike. I am just wondering what the dropout spacing is front & rear? Anyone know?

jahwind 07-01-10 12:44 PM

There are a few different models.
I'd call them and inquire as they were pretty helpful when I asked the same question about the Tokyo model (126mm and 75mm).

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