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Hemet Rider 06-29-10 10:13 PM

First folder again
Just received a Dahon Stowaway that I bought on ebay. I had one years ago. Just have to get the shifter to work. Hope it's just needs to be adjusted.

EM42 06-30-10 12:10 AM

is it an internal hub type? 3 speed Sturmey-ARcher? some vintage dahons had 5/6 spd derailleur system.

it its the Sturmey Archer internal hub try lubing the hub and the shifting cable. if the hub has an oil hole shoot it there if not shoot oil into the indicator rod entry hole[by removing it first]

Hemet Rider 06-30-10 07:28 PM

Thank you. It is a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed. It was the cable in the shifter, just had to move it to the right position and adjust it at the hub. It is working fine now. What kind of oil should I use, there is a oil hole in the hub?

airwulf 07-01-10 06:21 AM

According to the old Dahon manual use 20 wt oil. Filling the hub was a problem initially but I bought an anti-freeze tester from an auto parts store and some clear, lawn mower fuel line. Remove the balls in the tester, cut the fuel line to desired length, bevel one end to fit the hub filler hole.

Hemet Rider 07-01-10 06:33 PM

Thank you for the help. The bike didn't come with a manual.

airwulf 07-02-10 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by Hemet Rider (Post 11049021)
Thank you for the help. The bike didn't come with a manual.

Here's a link to download one. It's not the exact one for your bike but it should help

Hemet Rider 07-02-10 06:37 PM

Thank you, got it.

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