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Estuche 07-04-10 12:25 AM

Dahon Speed D7 suspension upgrade. What would you choose?!

I am thinking about upgrading some parts of my Dahon D7 to make it more comfortable and, if possible, somewhat speedier. So far I have come up with these two options and I was wondering what is your take on the matter:

a) Brooks Flyer Saddle (~$100) + Schwalbe Kojak tires (~$70 for a pair)


b) Brooks B17 saddle (~$70) + Schwalbe Big Apple LiteSkin tires (~$100 for a pair)

I weight 150lbs and I plan on using some bullhorn bars at around the same height of my seat post.

Sooooo what do you think? Any better suggestion? The reason why I would not pair the Flyer and the Apples is because I think it would add too much weight to the bike if combined but I might be wrong!!

Brooks Flyer (860 grams)
Brooks B17 (540 grams)
Big Apple Lite x1 (505 grams)
Kojak x1 (230 grams)

Many thanks in advance!! :rolleyes: :D :thumb:

PS: Do you know if the D7 stock wheels will accept the 20x1.35 Kojaks?

datako 07-04-10 03:51 AM

Comfort starts at the tyres

chagzuki 07-04-10 05:15 AM

Hmm, the liteskins have come down in price since they first came out, not so unreasonable now. On the Dahon forums someone was claiming that they were much plusher than standard BAs. . . I'd be curious to try them.

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