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mulleady 07-17-10 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by snafu21 (Post 11112372)
This is useful: rider weights:

The Mezzo does well, as does the Swift as mentioned. As an aside, UK mag Cycling Active has just reviewed the Mezzo against the Brompton, and put the Mezzo ahead for everything other than the small folding size of the Brompton. I'm pleased to say I have ridden a Mezzo, and it was a delight.

Also Bike Friday -Heavy rider option.

The Mezzo is a good bike but I would never say it is better than the Brompton. That is the opinion of one review ;-)

I'm a folding bike lover and own a Dahon and Brompton. The Bromptom is the most reliable bike never mind folding bike I've ever had.

Anyway I'm not here to start another folding bike A Vs folding bike B debate lol! I would go with the option of a Swift (available in NYC for sure) or a Bike Friday Tikit. I do not wish to challenge the advice of Snafu21 as the she is a Jack Lockjaw acolyte and I have a Dahon Cadenza 08 and love it. However the Swift and Tikit both have a very fine ride, the robust frame to take your weight and are still relatively compact folders. Added to that they are perfect for the variety of surfaces and distances you require the bike for and both quite fast bikes as you get fitter.

mulleady 07-17-10 04:09 AM

[QUOTE][/QUOI test rode the Swift folder in New York City. It's a nice bike and rode well. The frame is stiffer than my Dahon Speed 8 and it can make for a rougher ride. On the plus side, since the frame doesn't split in two like Dahon, it doesn't feel a flexy. It's actually better for the heavier rider. I think a suspension seat post or a Brooks saddle would be in order. I told Peter Reich that he should buy some of Dahon's technology in making the package fold smaller. It's not an attractive fold and the fast fold is just not good enough and could be made better.

Peter's a nice guy and if I had an additional $800.00 under the couch, I would buy his bike. However, at that price, I think the Dahon Speed Pro gives you more value. I think the lowest end Bike Friday would match Peter's bike and would probably look nicer. (Sorry Peter)TE]

From another thread that mentions the Swift. I think it speaks for itself. From Dahon Steve and very well summed up.

bhkyte 07-27-10 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by snafu21 (Post 11112372)
I'm pleased to say I have ridden a Mezzo, and it was a delight.

I love you snafu21,
don't take it personally.

Swift seems to make sense as a compact stiff option for the gentleman. Of the Montage,Brompton or Swift, the swift would make the most sence also over a 10 miles commute. 10 miles is quite an effort on a Brompton or Montage if not reasonably fit.


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