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PaPa 08-14-10 08:34 PM

Birdy Front fender ?
... and needs to accommodate 18 x 2.0 Big Apple. One source quoted an eye popping $69, but that's a set of 2, which I certainly don't need.

PaPa 08-14-10 09:40 PM

I just ordered a Planet Bike 16" (I assume 349) Front Recumbent Fender. If my numbers are correct, the radius should be reasonably close. Has anybody used these on 355's?

PaPa 08-15-10 06:17 PM

I guess nobody runs fenders...

jur 08-15-10 06:46 PM

I use standard Birdy mudguards. The diffs between 349 and 355mm wheels is insignificant for mudguard purposes. It would be very strange if the radius _didn't_ work. :)

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