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Chop! 08-15-10 03:31 PM

strange Strida for sale on fleabay

Looks like a Strida Mini to me, to my knowledge, Strida leapt from the Strida 3s to the Strida 5s, so where this person gets his 4.1 is a bit of a mystery!

And UK manufactured? I think not!

Amuro Lee 08-15-10 04:18 PM

Strida 4.x is the internal version of Strida Mini used by Ming Cycle, the manufacturer of Strida in Taiwan.

Strida 4.1 and 5.1 are the domestic versions of Strida selling inside Taiwan only.

mulleady 08-15-10 04:50 PM

This bike is being sold in my local area lol! What a small world :-)

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