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Garthr 08-27-10 12:36 PM

Gaerlan Cycles Anyone?
Has anyone bought from Gaerlan Cycles lately? I've been wanting to inquire about the Vuelta 110/74 crank they sell, but they don't return email or phone messages, and they are always "away" when I call. It's not a good way to get customers.

Anyone order from them lately?

SesameCrunch 08-27-10 01:10 PM

I'm a regular there. It's a small company, possibly a one-person shop. Jay is the chief cook and bottle washer. He's cool, and I always have had a good experience there.

I don't know what's up recently with him.

chainstrainer 08-27-10 01:15 PM

He may be away on a late summer trip. I haven't ordered recently but have had great service in the past.

CrimsonEclipse 08-27-10 02:18 PM

I've purchased from them (him) and I had a Dahon wheel rebuilt with him, both times were great service and top quality.
He even went out of the way to help me find an obscure part.

I'd buy from him again.

(not a shill, just a happy customer)


Garthr 08-27-10 04:06 PM

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, there has to be good reason why he/they would not return calls and emails from a potential customer. He could have at least mentioned it though on the website or phone if he/they're away. . . . but that's just me being courteous!

If they weren't the only source for the Vuelta 110/74 triple crank , I likely would not have bothered to pursue this though.... but they are . . .

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