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ewebster1 08-29-10 07:59 PM

Moulton Service in SF Bay Area -Where Do You Go?
Greetings everyone,

Which shop in the SF Bay Area is best for working on Moultons?

I tend to scare bike shops whenever I roll my Moultons in for service/projects. At the last shop, all I wanted was to reinstall my front derailleur on my APB FX-80 so that I could use BOTH front chainrings. The shop gave me back my bike after a few days saying they didn't know what size chainring would fit :-)


Earl Webster

ro-monster 08-30-10 12:54 AM

You might have luck with Warm Planet at the San Francisco Caltrain station. They don't sell Moultons but they do specialize in folding bikes.

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