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cliffdweller 09-03-10 09:12 PM

Getting back in the saddle after thirty years
Greetings all,

Recently my daughter learned to ride and now I just have to start riding again. I've been looking at folding bikes and have gotten some good suggestions and read lots of reviews. I'm smitten with a Downtube 9 speed, but haven't been able to find it available anywhere, When I called their store the man who answered didn't offer any help at all. Seemed like he was the guy who sweeps up. I just discovered that Giant produces a folder called the Expressway, and to further complicate matters, Cannondale males this badass looking 20 inch (not a folder though) called the Hooligan. All seem to have advantages and drawbacks, so I'm turning to more experienced persons for some input. Does anyone here have any experience with any of these bikes? Or, can you recommend some that I might consider? I am 6 feet, 200 lbs. I live in NYC and plan to use the bike primarily on weekends and evenings for some exercise and sightseeing. I don't care much about going very fast. I mainly want a solidly built machine that I don't have to fuss over like a mother hen. Which brings up the question of internal hub or cassettes/ Which is preferable?

Dynocoaster 09-03-10 10:25 PM

I would recommend a Xootr Swift

vmaniqui 09-04-10 12:08 AM

check this out....

24 speed dual drive (internal hub), hub front wheel, front and rear racks, schwalbe big apple tires, etc, etc. the best part is you'll be getting it from thor, who's one of the nicest person you can buy bikes from.

GeorgePaul 09-04-10 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by cliffdweller (Post 11408266)
Which brings up the question of internal hub or cassettes/ Which is preferable?

Internal gear hub: simple and easy. I suggest something with a Shimano Nexus or Alfine 8 speed hub for you.

cliffdweller 09-04-10 10:08 AM

Thanks for the information everyone. That Dahon is a gorgeous machine. I have to admit not wanting to let myself like the Dahons, because in NYC they're everywhere, like Ipods and Starbucks. And some bike dealer have talked them down, (even though their showrooms are full of them), claiming they are hard to maintain because of proprietary parts. I'll give the Speed a test ride. BTW, I notice no one had any comment on the bikes I mentioned. Is it that they aren't good choices, or you just don't have any knowledge of them?

Foldable Two 09-04-10 12:18 PM

Downtube appears to be reducing offerings - economy, I guess.

Giant Expressway looks like it contains a significant amount of Dahon technology - nice looking bike.

Hooligan, which I have seen in a bike shop, is interesting looking bike, but it's unique design & non-fold might make it a theft target in NY.

What's your budget?


Dynocoaster 09-04-10 02:31 PM

With an IGH

cliffdweller 09-04-10 04:20 PM

Thanks Foldable. I'm in the $600 range. Tell me, do prices come down as the "prime" bike season ends? I'll keep an eye out on the sites, and take another look at that Expressway as well.

Dyno, what is it you like about the Xootr? I'm partial to locally produced products, and I like the lines of the bike. It has a nice clean look, which was part of the appeal of the DT 9.

Dynocoaster 09-04-10 04:31 PM

I donot own one but there is a dealer in NYC. Because you mentioned a 9 speed and the Swift is an 8 speed I thought it might fit your needs. Also they have them in different sizes.

Dave1899 09-04-10 06:01 PM

I don't have a DownTube but they get good reviews here, try the search function. I know what you mean about the guy that "sweeps the floors" , I've called them several times and that's who answered the phone for me too. They do have their Nova in blue on ebay which have been going for less than on their website. Good luck and let us see what you end up with. Riding with your Daughter will be very rewarding!

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