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BikeKraft 09-22-10 07:39 AM

They Fit!!
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Bought a folding trike for my 22 year old autistic son. I was pleasantly surprised
that it along with our two folders fit nicely in our Honda CRV. Half of the back seat
was folded down allowing for three adults with nothing entering the seating space.
Plenty of room for helmets and lunch. We took advantage of the nice day and rode
the bike trail along the Columbia river just north of Portland Oregon. The trike is just
right for Brian, he was happy. The critter joined us for lunch.

Foldable Two 09-22-10 09:37 AM

We've ridden that stretch several times. Goes from Delta park clear to Troutdale, plus you can go over both the I5 and I205 bridges across the Columbia to WA.

Have been suggesting a Trike to the active 90 yr old Dutch lady next door who misses bike riding.


SunnyFlorida 09-22-10 05:53 PM

Which folding trike did you get?

BikeKraft 09-22-10 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by SunnyFlorida (Post 11508680)
Which folding trike did you get?

It's called the Adventurer sold through Camping World.
I've seen the same trike with different names.
Fold and Go for one.
Cost was about $360.
A Worksman model looks identical to me but this was made in China.
Three speed with thumb shifters.
Front hub brake and rear coaster brake.
The fold is actually pretty decent.
Weight is about 50 pounds.
This one came assembled and I picked it up at their showroom,
so no waiting and I could test ride it.
It's a fun ride but a little crazy feeling at first.

SunnyFlorida 09-22-10 07:29 PM

Wow!!! That is a neat fold. If you got it for $360 that was a steal, especially if it's a three speed.

My Miami Sun cost me close to $325 and that was for a one speed. I eventually upgraded it to a three speed a few years later.

I'm glad your son likes his bike. I hope you have many, many happy trips together.

BTW, love that group pic of your bikes. You should think about making it a holiday card this year.

P.S. Funny, but I find riding my dahon folder strange after riding my trike for so long. It's definitely a different view of the world. My trike is slow but predictable. My folder is sometimes way too fast for my liking. I'm still learning how to handle it safely.

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