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Russcoles11 09-22-10 01:29 PM

Was this childish?
Last weekend my motorbiking co-worker had his motorbike in for some work to be done and decided to cycle to work from Yate near Bristol to St. Philips in Bristol. He was severely late and kept phoning to let us know where he had gotten to. We were bored so printed out a map and each time he phoned we marked his progress on the map. Eventually he arrived 3 1/2 hours after leaving home. Looking up his route on google maps new walking feature we then pointed out that it would have taken 3 hours 29 mins to walk saving him a whole minute over his cycling time.

Today I had a day off and decided to see what time I could manage. Its a fantastic ride if anyone wants a pootle in Bristol. I joined that Bristol to Bath railway path in a Bath-erly direction and had a few races with school kids as it was late afternoon and they seem tpo hate being overtaken by someone on such a silly looking little bike (see my avatar picture) so you just have to do it ;). Somewhere in the staple hill area the path splits at an old station and I left the Bath-erly route in favour of the Ring road cycle path with its breathtaking views over the Bristol ring road. Fortunately after a short stretch along the ring road you go under the ring road and head Yate-ward on more disused railway and now you're out of the city (you can tell this by the smell and the big hairy organic bycycles some people are riding).
So heres where I got lost; the path forks and straight on its overgrown and decidedly un-bikepathy and to the right is a downhill stretch that looks more like a bike path. So I went right. There were no signposts saying 'You want to go straight on if you want to get to Yate, its a bike path really!'
At the bottom of the slope it joined a road with signs for many different destinations, none of them were Yate. I looked at my map and managed to quickly work out that I really should buy a more up to date version as the path I had been on didn't exist in 1990 (in fact the ring road was listed as 'proposed ring road due for completion in 1994).
Theres something quite liberating about knowing you're completely lost and your map is useless, it means you can take whichever route looks most appealing until you find out where you are. Then deep in the undergrowth I saw a Board with what looked like a map. I managed to get close enough to read it and found that if I went towards Framton Cotterell on the Avon cycleway route there was a 'Yate link'.
So now I wasn't lost (or so the sign said) and I headed towards FC on nice quiet country lanes, keeping a lookout for signs showing the way to this 'Yate link'. You would have thought that having made a 'Yate link' cycle path, someone would put up a sign saying where you turn off for it! I should have turned off just before going under the railway as I reached FC, but I didn't know that at the time. So I reached FC and was lost again, eventually reaching a main road with a sign for Yate. I was close to my target now and only 50 mins into the ride so I decided that getting to Yate in under an hour was worth a stretch of main road, it was uphill and by now I was knackered but I made Yate bang on the 1 hour mark.
I found the Fabled 'Yate link' on the way home, its a great little path. If you go south from Yate towards Westerleigh on what looks on my map like a quiet country lane, you will quickly find that it's actually a busy country lane and you have a tailback of motorist types behind you. The first place where you can pull over to let them past is a tea room just as you reach Westerleigh. While the cars and lorries go past you can look around and realise that if you were coming from the other direction (ie. via the road from the direction of Bristol) there would be a sign you could see directing you towards the Bristol and Bath Railway path.
It took me 2 hours to get back as I was in no hurry and had knackered myself out setting a good time on the outward journey.
I popped into work to rub in the fact that I had managed the journey 2 1/2 hours faster. Maybe he'll take up the challenge and eventually ditch petrol power.

I know what you're gunna ask but No I didn't have a camera with me :)

If you want to follow the route:

SunnyFlorida 09-22-10 05:41 PM

To be frank it was childish and I don't see how this will encourage your co-worker to ditch his motorbike. As far as he is concerned, it took too long for HIS bike ride. I'm pretty sure he will be ecstatic to get his motorbike back from the shop after this tedious 3 1/2 hr. ride.

I don't know how fast your co-worker is on a bike or how confident he is on one. Maybe he's not as confident and fast as you.

Of course, if you know that he's just as fast and can handle a bike, then maybe he was slacking off, which may have - indirectly - been the reason why you took the trip to confirm this.

P.S. I assume Google has the same bike features in England than it does here, meaning that it show the mileage plus the estimated time it would take to get there by bike. However, the estimated mph can be average speed for some and top speed for others.

social suicide 09-22-10 06:37 PM

Any amount of time on a bicycle (lost or not) is better than being at work.

Fast Cloud 09-22-10 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by social suicide (Post 11508895)
Any amount of time on a bicycle (lost or not) is better than being at work.

Indeed...well spoken.:beer:

stevegor 09-22-10 10:23 PM

When I was a child I did childish things, I thought as a child, now that I am a man I put away childish things....... sort of.

I used to giggle to myself when I would see chubby people riding bikes in the most awkward fashion, knees out sideways, struggling with massive gears, swaying all over the road, miss matched clothing, DORKY helmets etc etc.
NOW, I think to meself, at least they're making the effort.

And remember this, if you make fun of someone, even in jest, it can cut very deep and be very demoralizing AND somewhere, sometime and somehow it will come back to bite you very hard..... Pride goes before a fall?

kamtsa 09-23-10 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Russcoles11 (Post 11507294)
...We were bored so printed out a map and each time he phoned we marked his progress on the map...

Next time you can try Google Latitude. It shows you on the map a marker with your friend's location. Works phone to desktop and phone to phone.

As for rubbing the fact that you arrived faster, if you are at about the same fit level and your are buddies, it is a healthy friendly competition.

Russcoles11 09-23-10 01:40 PM

Tbh its his route choice that was wrong. By my Route he could have knocked 1.5 hours off. He's fit 'cos he competes in kickboxing but just isn't used to cycling. Although I did rib him a bit, I have also found him a better route with less hills, traffic etc. Its possible he may start cycling shorter distances and build up towards the full commute maybe by next summer.

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