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PJ15 09-24-10 08:36 AM

1970s Klapprad maybe?

I have an old folder (Aggie) who I bought around 5 years ago. She had some trouble with her brakes recently and I've been doing her up a bit.

I've been looking at old photos and she may be a 1970s klapprad, but there are no markings except BV and the number 193375 stamped on the frame.

Anyone know what BV means?

SunnyFlorida 09-24-10 03:21 PM

How about some pics?

Dynocoaster 09-24-10 04:49 PM

Sounds like a German folding bike.

SunnyFlorida 09-24-10 07:17 PM

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Is this how the bike looks?

PJ15 09-27-10 02:21 AM


Thanks for all the interest

I promise photo to follow, but a busy morning will go out and take snap later!

She is very similar to the bike in the photo, but she has a round reflector on the back mudguard and also two brakes and 3 gears. Definitely that U-frame though.

PJ15 09-27-10 03:08 AM

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Here are a couple of snaps, is she still German do you think?

brakemeister 09-27-10 08:33 AM

nicew one...
dunno if she is german ... BV stands for Brevetti in Italian or Corporation in Spanish .... or something similar I think ... many of them were built in Jugoslawia as well ...
make us pics of the details, what pedals lights frame details.. maybe we can find something


Dynocoaster 09-27-10 09:24 AM

No, she is now BaVarian.

PJ15 09-28-10 03:42 AM

Thanks again!

So many 1970s folders were made I guess we may never know where Aggie came from, but she turned up in Birmingham (UK) where I bought her.

Just a cotter pin to sort out and I'm off for a ride :-)

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