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cwlam3 09-24-10 06:24 PM

Cane Creek Ergo grips
I like to install Cane Creek Ergo Grips for my Dahon folding bike. I wonder if I could still fold up nicely with those grips. I don't feel comfortable with the original grips in my Dahon and thinking of put on bullhorn bar ends or Cane Creek Ergo grips.

puppypilgrim 09-24-10 07:46 PM

It will fold fine. You have to release the handlebar quick release and rotate it downwards. No compromise in the size of the fold.

mtalinm 09-29-10 02:12 PM

And you'll love the grips! I have them on my soho

Russcoles11 09-29-10 02:49 PM

I put Bontrager ergo grips on my Sunlova (see avatar), they are very nice and actually hook over the tyre helping keep the folded bike together.

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