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Sir Bikesalot 09-28-10 12:52 PM

Single speed swift is now available
Hope this is not a re-post, but I just noticed that xootr now offers a single speed version of the Swift as a stock configuration. I emailed them for more info and here is their response:


Thanks for your interest. We do have them in house now, I just have not
had a chance to put them up on the web site yet. We are in the process
of upgrading the shopping cart system which is a higher priority at the
moment. The price is $699 and is only available in black, which in my
own opinion looks incredible. I am unsure of the weight, just that it
is of course lighter without the rear derailer, shifter, and extra
gears. How much exactly I am not sure. The front chain ring is the
same 52T that comes on the 8 speed version. The rear is a 16T sprocket,
the same as 5th gear on the 8 speed version. All of the other
components including the frame are the same. If you have any additional
questions, please let me know.



Brian McCoy
Xootr LLC
2001 Rosanna Avenue
Scranton, PA 18509
[email protected]

Dynocoaster 09-28-10 01:06 PM

I would have that it would have been more like $599. But in black that is interesting.

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