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MarMek 09-30-10 10:48 PM

Junk Yard Odyssey (Part I)
Gather 'round and I shall tell you a tale!

Many, many miles ago, a bright red Boardwalk S1 came into my possession.. many journeys were had and my eyes were opened to this beautiful world of convenience!

I had seen the wonders of train rides and 10.2 mile commutes, the relief of passing full bike racks and keeping my trusted steed by my side (even into lecture halls), and we have even experienced our tumbles together.

With all of this glory, I felt that I must share it with my peers!
Thus I praised all of biking, and spoke highly of the convenience within the elusive folder.
But alas! A great friend from many years had a hardship and could not spare the funds, despite being in a situation that warrants a bike more than most others. There are few that are so deserving, but how was I to help? Time was running short - classes were starting, metro passes were not timely enough for classes.. I must act quickly!

Before long, I had discovered my University's monthly "Bike Fair" where abandoned cycles could be found. It seems that an illegally parked bike receives a tag, where if the two and seventy day notice is ignored, the cycle is impounded. Upon such ignorance, it is removed to the impound lot, wherefore it is kept for ninety days before moving to this aforementioned Bike Fair.

Within this monthly bike fair, these abandoned ones are resold at a pittance of $10 each and the singled parts are said to be free. Thus I reasoned there was no better means of helping of friend than to hunt for a workhorse.

I had biked the two miles to this scarcely known fair, stabled my Boardwalk nearby, and ventured within. Upon arrival, I stood dismayed at the multitude of rust. After peering at frame after frame and seeing the disintegrated brake cables, I sighted a strangely long seat post and handlebar stem poking out and focused my attention on what appeared to be a very familiar shape.

Recognizing it as an old Boardwalk, I charged forward and seized it up when the previous possessor cast it away! I saw that it indeed is an old Boardwalk! But that there must have been rust at every possible location and the chain had become utterly statuesque. The front brake was mobile, but the largest problem was the latches on the frame's hinge had detached from each other.

Despite my original intention being to find any working cycle for my friend, I had decided that this poor abandoned folder was too worthy to pass up and spent my only ten dollars on it, despite how it could not be used immediately.
Oh how people envied me as I rolled off the lot with two fine cycles.

When faced with how to return to my humble dorm, I tied the frame latch down and slowly rolled the two miles back to my abode. It was an arduous and perilous journey, but eventually I arrived.

I glanced over my find once more and began imagining the process of returning this poor abandoned one to its former glory. But I could not stay long, so I stored it away safely and biked away to my lecture.

As for the end of my tale, that is to come later.

.. so now that we've had this beautiful story time, I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to approach something this crazy. I've never done a restoration like this before, and I totally wasn't expecting to find a Boardwalk for ten bucks.
I've no idea what year it is, but I do know it's older than mine, which I think is a 2007 one.

If in doubt, I know I can jury rig the hinge clamp. The chain, I've no idea how to handle.. it'd be grand if I could salvage it though. Both tires are dead flat, but I'm not sure if it's just a lack of air. The rust could probably be cleared off with some CLR or something, and the wad of packaging tape just needs a little focus. It's missing a front fender, but it's not like it rains much in SoCal anyway.

Oh! And it totally still folds just fine!

I don't need it to be particularly uber and mighty. I'm mostly aiming for a practical workhorse for a friend of mine. I'm not even sure this will work out well, but I'm hoping to pull off a great birthday present! I guess I'll make the repairs "Part II" through however many is needed, and the finale can be presenting the bike (and maybe an epilogue of sorts). Yes, there will be pictures along the way ;)

bored117 09-30-10 11:09 PM

Cool. I am wondering, what is the "community". I can see how student can get one but not sure about community part?...

MarMek 09-30-10 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by bored117 (Post 11551858)
Cool. I am wondering, what is the "community". I can see how student can get one but not sure about community part?...

In all of my sleep deprivation induced flowery language, I don't think I used the word community. But I'm guessing you mean in the University's page itself.

I saw plenty of non-UCI folks there swooping up bikes. In fact, I'd say that a vast majority of the people there scavenging had no affiliation with UCI. All you need is a valid ID of sorts.

EM42 10-01-10 12:06 AM

thanks for the wonderful story well be awaiting for part II
looks like just mild rusting on the seatpost and spokes the rest seems fine probably some wax and polishing ive seen bikes in worst shape than that and resurrected
the chain might need replacement although some might suggest to just oil and ride it for 10 miles !

UCI=University of California [city of] Irvine

brakemeister 10-01-10 07:59 AM

a new frame clasp might be in order, tubes and ellbow grease ....
try to get the rust away with coke and newspaper, or alloy paper ...but lcr should work fine as well
great story I enjoyed reading
cant wait for 2nd part


Foldable Two 10-01-10 10:11 AM

College student in NPB - not a bad gig.

You are a bit "under-biked" for the area I would say, but you do fit in well with all the 'cruisers'.

Looks like a lot of elbow grease will be needed. Pretty good find for $10, though.

Ultimate recipient should be happy.


Bicycle Funk 10-01-10 05:44 PM

:O! WOW. I need to find a bike fair 'round here.

Russcoles11 10-02-10 11:33 AM

Best case scenario- clean the rust off, oil the chain, replace the frame clasp.

Worst case scenario- Strip it down, sand off the rust, repaint the frame, replace the seat post, replace the chain, replace the frame clasp.

Spending too much time on these forums scenario- Strip it down, decide finding a new frame clasp is too boring, buy an old Raleigh 20, use the spare parts from your $10 bike to create a weird hybrid based on the R20 frame :D

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