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Dave1899 10-08-10 11:10 AM

WTB Giant Halfway Rear Carrier
Just got a Giant Halfway but it didn't come with the rear carrier rack. Hope someone has one they wouldn't mind parting with. I searched the internet and couldn't find a source for a new one.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Leisesturm 10-13-10 11:20 PM

I can't imagine parting with mine. Anyone else either. Did you try contacting Giant of America on the West Coast? You might consider a nice Topeak or Delta seatpost rack/trunk setup. Good luck.


Dave1899 10-14-10 07:19 AM

Had my LBS order one for me.

Russcoles11 10-14-10 03:14 PM

Couldn't you just cut a normal carrier in half? :D

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