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SunnyFlorida 10-08-10 04:05 PM

Sybil's new coat
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The renovation of my R20 is going slow but sure. My nephew and I have finished with the paint job. We did it ourselves. It came out great.

I was trying to pick a retro color (Ivory Haze) but all they had at the Home Improvement store was refrigerator white. So I picked a cool looking dark blue, which really made me change the direction I was going with this besides some other factors.

The new direction is more toward upgrading Sybil with some new parts as oppose to restoring her with most of the original parts. In the end, I think only the hinge and seat levers will identify this as a Raleigh besides the steel rims and the original three speed SA hub.

It was cool to reveal the Raleigh emblem, underneath that horrible paint job it use to have. It's pretty faded but you can still make out the word "Raleigh / Nottingham"

Oh well, the fun really begins when all the parts we need finally come in. This may include some 20 inch alloy rims we may be able to get from an old bmx bike a family friend has in Cocoa Beach. Of course we have to drive up there to get it. :)

Oh well, I'm getting a lot of bonding time with my nephew, which I enjoy. In addition, it seems that he is really getting a kick out of bringing this folder back to life.

Attachment 172918 - Old paint job

Attachment 172919 - New paint job

Attachment 172920 - New Paint job / emblem

vmaniqui 10-08-10 05:26 PM

Nice paint job. Did you painted it with primer paint first? Or did you do a scrape to metal before painting? Reason I asked is it will make your paint last longer.

SunnyFlorida 10-08-10 06:03 PM

We sand it down as much as we could. Then we used a priner, top coat and then a clear coat.

We saw two layers of paint, The first was that ugly greenish neon color. The second was probably the original coat, which was an ivory one. At first I thought that was an old priner but I later realized it was the original "Ivory Haze" color that a Raleigh Twenty could come in.

Lots of work and elbow grease and we definitely let it "cure".

vmaniqui 10-08-10 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by SunnyFlorida (Post 11594198)
We sand it down as much as we could. Then we used a priner, top coat and then a clear coat.

We saw two layers of paint, The first was that ugly greenish neon color. The second was probably the original coat, which was an ivory one. At first I thought that was an old priner but I later realized it was the original "Ivory Haze" color that a Raleigh Twenty could come in.

Lots of work and elbow grease and we definitely let it "cure".

great. you sure will love sybil more with all those elbow greases and sweats. thanks for posting those pics and for keeping us posted with your R20 overhaul.

wahoonc 10-09-10 06:00 AM

Looking good!:thumb:

Badges can be repainted but it takes a steady hand an an eye for detail.

Aaron :)

miamimike 10-09-10 03:04 PM

Last Bike I redid was an old Pugeot and for $20, a local Motorcycle painter sandblasted the frame(stripped completely). Made the painting so much easier not to forget, the end result turned out very nice. That $20 was the best $20 I ever spent. I washed mine, hung it up & let it dry for a day, primed it, gave it 3 coats of color and 3 coats of clear. Between each coat of color and clear + final, I wet sanded the paint & clear. Made a big difference in smoothness. I used Spanish Montana spray paint--good stuff, many of the good grafitti artists here in Miami use this product.

Dave1899 10-09-10 09:49 PM

Looking good SunnyFlorida. I like the paint color. Can't wait to see Sybil going through her make-over. Are you posting in the RaleighTwenty forum?

SunnyFlorida 10-11-10 05:43 PM

Oh darn I thought I made a reply yesterday but I guess I didn't click that all important submit tab. Oh well,

Vman, Aaron, Mike and Dave - Thanks for the thumbs up.

Vman. - Yes, I'm getting mighty fond of the ole lady. My nephew is too.

Aaron/Anyone - Is there anyway I can get a duplicate badge?

Mike - Yep. That's pretty much the procedure we used to paint the frame. It was painstakingly slow but the end result was worth it. We couldn't get it sandblasted though. We just sanded the hell out of it and mostly go to base metal. That part took the longest to do.

Dave - I'm not posting pics in the Raleigh Twenty forum since I get quicker responses here besides a healthy dose of encouragement.

After all is said and done though, I think I'll put Sybil's new look there too.

Latest development:

Thank God for family and friends. A friend gave my nephew an old 20 inch wheel Dahon folder for gratis. That's even better than the BMX bike a family friend was going to give us. I'll see it tomorrow, on my day off. My nephew thinks the wheels can be used besides the brake levers. The tires are pretty worn but may still be serviceable.

If I can recycle the brake levers and wheels, then I can splurge on a new suspension seatpost and/or coil saddle. I'm also thinking of putting better tires/tubes.

Any suggestions on the tires/tubes? I'm thinking more of comfort than speed. Would Big Apples, 2.0 be okay?

Dave1899 10-11-10 06:20 PM

Here's a badge in the USA on eBay

Dynocoaster 10-11-10 06:23 PM

I think whitewalls would look good with the blue paint.

social suicide 10-11-10 07:03 PM

After you win the lottery I would sugest these... & these For when Sybil is feeling a little blue.

wahoonc 10-11-10 08:33 PM


Let me check my stash I believe I have a badge I can send you gratis. I won't be home for a couple of weeks...

Aaron :)

SunnyFlorida 10-11-10 08:57 PM

Dave - Thanks for the tip. I did put in a bid but something tells me it may have been too low.

dyno - Oh Mista dyno. You know I no nuthin about sidewall tires and birthin no babies neither.

All "Gone with the Wind" references aside, what type of white sidewall could hold up to a steel frame and give a little cushion?

Aaron - Oh that would be too cool if you could do this. I did put in a bid (see above) but it was probably too low. I was the first one to bid so I wouldn't be surprised if I get outbid in the days ahead.

stevegor 10-11-10 09:25 PM

Nice job, SF.

You'll be stoked when you're finished.

Dynocoaster 10-11-10 10:08 PM

SunnyFlorida 10-12-10 06:11 AM

social suicide, Steve and Dyno. - Thanks for the feedback.

social suicide - Sorry I missed you on the last go round. Thanks for the handy links.

Wow!!!! Those tires look awesome.

Steve - I'm already stoked. Must be the espresso or maybe when I was inhaling those aerosol fumes. I understand they give you a nice high before you keel over and die.

(Note to self. Write post on laptop near bed... just in case).

dyno. - Thanks so much for the link. It would look great against the blue.

Now I have an idea of what I'm generally looking for thanks for the links.

wahoonc 10-12-10 11:24 AM

On those white wall a search for low rider bikes, they use the white walls all the time. I bought a set of Kenda's a while back from one of them.

Aaron :)

Russcoles11 10-13-10 07:28 PM

1 Attachment(s) sells the original whitewalls if you don't mind the shipping from the UK. Michelin Diablo's are another cheap option (designed for kids bikes and therefore very cheap but perform well and look awesome). <-- My cresswell Fold-it with michelin diablo's

SunnyFlorida 10-14-10 09:06 AM

Aaron & Russ - Thanks for the advice and the links. Wow!! So much to learn and I'm a slow learner but I'm learning.

Today I actually put in a new tube into the front wheel of the old "potential donor" folder bike I recently got - all by myself. Yay!!!!.

Of course after I put in the tube, I read on the tire wall that it recommended a 20 x 1.35 tube and I put in a 20 x 1.50. After inflating the tire, it now drags against the front fender. I'll have to take off the front fender so the front wheel can run smoothly.

I'm putting on the new riser handlebar on the donor bike too. Just doing all of this to ride the folder to get a general idea of how the tires and riser will work on the Raleigh. I'm also testing to see if the handling would be better if I get a riser and put it on my Speed D7.

BTW, my Speed D7 and I are not speaking to each other - again. If she doesn't shape up and stop trying to kill me for the insurance money, we'll be getting a divorce real soon.

P.S. The donor folder is an older Broadwalk D7, either that or someone just didn't take care of it because it looks like it's been through hell. Regardless, I pumped up the tires, tightened the back brake and went for a short ride. I found riding it surprisingly more pleasant than my new folder. I may adopt her too (notice she went from an "it" to a "her"). If I do that makes 4 bikes I have. Luckily I have an enclosed patio which is fast turning into a mini bike shop.

Nevertheless, one of them will have to go and soon.

Russcoles11 10-15-10 08:09 AM

Sounds to me like you and your speed D7 need to go get some counselling. Are you surprised it's throwing a strop when you spend so much time with other bikes? Maybe divorce is the only option, if you've bonded better with the other bikes as seems the case.

SunnyFlorida 10-15-10 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by Russcoles11 (Post 11626278)
Sounds to me like you and your speed D7 need to go get some counseling.

Truth be told, I can't stand the brat. I mean she thinks she's "all that". If this folder ever came to life, it would have a mini skirt & leggings with an attitude as big as Texas. She's not sophisticated like Sybil or as down to earth, like Bertha, my beloved trike.

Hell, even the beat up Broadwalk with the lousy brakes is nicer to me than the D7. And both are 7 speeds and Dahons. What the hell???

When we go out for rides I can feel her complaining. "Why are you so slow? You know if you picked up the pace ole lady you wouldn't be wobbling all over the road so much. OH GAWD! Why wasn't I bought by Brad Pitt instead of Brad Pitt's great great grandma."

Nevertheless, I'm not kicking this folder to the curb yet. She has a reprieve until Sybil gets finished. Then it's Judgment Day.

Dynocoaster 10-15-10 04:18 PM

Younguns they are all in a hurry. The Raleigh is for taking your time.

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