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Elad63 10-08-10 06:48 PM

Leader Voyageur
I picked up a Voyageur from a friend. Has anyone tried upgrading one as a multi speed, or are they too much trouble. I was thinking of going with a 2 speed cog on the internal hub, giving me 6 speeds. The one I have has a three speed hub with a one piece crank. Does anyone still sell the upgrade bb for older one piece cranks to fit modern cranksets.

Also, the handle set-up is really weird. It screws into a plate at the bottom of the headtube, can't adjust the height. I think it's also has a 7/8 stem. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can retrofit something to add height, and still be able to a 22.2 stem or an adapter for threadless.

I'll have pics up tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

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