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stevegor 10-10-10 05:14 PM

Stevegor rides....stevegor falls
Yes folks, once again I've had a crash. :cry:

You see, riding SWBs isn't the only riding I do........ I still pretend I'm a road racer with the Masters comps, and I got involved in a high speed sprint, a rider came down right in front of me....I went up in the air, over the drops, down hard then got hit by another rider and messed up my left shoulder, an acromian clavicular separation or whatever......more scars and bruising.

I was hoping to finally meet Jur and Connie face 2 face at a MS ride next month, still hoping to but with 13% climbs it's going to hurt. :eek:

SunnyFlorida 10-10-10 05:20 PM

So sorry to hear of your boo boo. Kisses and hugs. Hope you start to feel better real soon. :love:

vmaniqui 10-10-10 05:22 PM

sorry to hear that. but i know you're a real warrior... hope you recover soon.

stevegor 10-10-10 05:28 PM

.... feel like a sook right now, but thanks guys.

Physio says 2 weeks off bike, that gives me 2 weeks to get ready to ride with Jur, hope that's enough.

Need endorphin rush......... NOW

lexm 10-10-10 06:16 PM

Oh, no! Relax and recover, old boy. And stick to the small wheels. ;)

BruceMetras 10-10-10 07:47 PM

GoreMan, Glad you're not serious mangled.. and, I don't think Jur is one to entertain any excuses once the flag drops .. you might get some sympathy from Connie though :lol:

SesameCrunch 10-10-10 07:56 PM

Wow. Hope you get back in the saddle soon!

Buckshot 10-10-10 08:06 PM

I'm new to this...and am trying to learn....'SWB'?

jur 10-10-10 09:00 PM

You are such a sook. I've heard such crash stories before. And it's only 8-9% gradient.

(For the 4th year running, I successfully defended my Donna Lungbuster title. The competition featured some very eager-looking young bucks on sub-8kg mountain bikes: "This year, Jur is going down!" I was on my 15kg, wooden mudguard-fitted Moulton APB with skinny tyres. The dirt road was very bumpy and muddy in some spots. Afterwards, said young bucks crestfallenly left the summit, already plotting next year's move.)

Seriously, get well fast Steve.

lexm 10-10-10 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by Buckshot (Post 11602942)
I'm new to this...and am trying to learn....'SWB'?

Small-Wheeled Bicycles.

Buckshot 10-10-10 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by lexm (Post 11603208)
Small-Wheeled Bicycles.

:beer: thank you good sir!

Foldable Two 10-10-10 09:38 PM

Maybe it's time to retire from "competitive" riding???

I retired from Masters Slow Pitch Softball two years ago due to shoulder injury and too frequently sore ankles. Amazing what some rest, and no re-injury can do to make things better. It's the price of maturity - although you are likely lucky to not be as "mature" as I am.


Sixty Fiver 10-10-10 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by SunnyFlorida (Post 11602212)
So sorry to hear of your boo boo. Kisses and hugs. Hope you start to feel better real soon. :love:

You be careful there... all the guys will start falling down if you keep that up.


Steve mate... rest up and make sure you are recovered before you get any more delusions of grandeur.

((manly hug)))

stevegor 10-10-10 11:25 PM

Jur, a few weeks ago as I was climbing up the steep side of Mt M the sign on the side of the road claimed 13% not sure if it's right. Climbing is a funny discipline, I have a friend who out-climbs me on mountains, but I hurt him on long rollers.

I hear what you're saying and I generally ride/train by myself...... it's just that I still like the occasional race or competitive ride..... the endorphins are very addictive.

65er and the rest of the motley crew....... thanks.

Sixty Fiver 10-10-10 11:41 PM

Who are you calling Motley ?


Mebbe you just need to slow down a little... have been experiencing a lot more pain of late which has slowed me down and if you are gonna go slow you might as well do it in style.

jur 10-10-10 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by stevegor (Post 11603726)
Climbing is a funny discipline, I have a friend who out-climbs me on mountains, but I hurt him on long rollers.

You know, this is exactly what happened on Saturday... at the start, I was red-lining to keep up on the short flat bit before the climb starts, then I had a holiday, recovering nicely while the others started blowing. When I had recovered, I decided bugger the chit-chat, I am putting the hammer down and that was that, never saw them again until the summit.

I got the 8-9% from google data; that looks like the average over the 5km climb, there would be variations along the way.

stevegor 10-11-10 12:09 AM

I think you're right about the resting, but with the challenge of finally meeting Jur, and on a hilly course, I've been bustin' a gut training hard. I've been flying at races too, but now all that work has come to nought because of my crash or at the very least limited me. I'm not a pure climber like Jur, more of a "engine room" worker on the undulations and into headwinds, so this ride will hurt.

Sixty Fiver 10-11-10 12:19 AM

I used to be a climber and my friends described me as being "a mountain goat on steroids"but my back injury ended that so I am more of a flat ground / rollers kind of guy myself.

I still climb well but I don't get to the top in time to kick back and spark one up while I wait for people to catch me.


stevegor 10-11-10 12:41 AM

I love climbing, used to be quick too, same injury same result.

A few of my mates will be coming on the ride, so I might have protection, a la' Lance "I never doped" Armstrong, might get one to punch Jur in the guts if he climbs too well...........

jur 10-11-10 02:16 AM

I see through al this subterfuge - you want to keep Connie company don't you? :)

stevegor 10-11-10 04:16 AM

No mate, but I wish my wife was with me on the ride.

The way I'm feeling right now, I just want to crawl under my bed and cry....... goodnight all

puppypilgrim 10-11-10 01:28 PM

Steve, sorry to hear about your injury. Get well soon!!!

lucille 10-11-10 01:31 PM

Ouch! Sorry about your crash! Get better soon!

vmaniqui 10-11-10 03:44 PM

and STEVEGOR gets UP....

stevegor 10-11-10 05:21 PM

You know my friends,

People have often said to me, " Why do you still ride at your age, (40-50)?"

Apart from the crashes, it's not the racing or beating others, it's the joy of being alive, the thrill of a HPV and the friendships made.
Cycling is such an equalizer, it transcends social status, it's where we can put aside bigotry and simply enjoy being.

Must be the painkilling drugs....... I'm becoming all mystic and hippy like, man

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