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gdlerner 11-22-10 02:34 AM

Bike Friday loaded
Hy guys in 35 day my wife and my self will be touring in Norths Argentina The Anden,so before the weather get bad I loaded my bike and make the last test because I was not sure if everything will fit on my panniers ,(first I was thinking to take my carry freedom large) but now I decide to go with the panniers,we can carry everything in 8 panniers (camping gear etc).The 2 panniers in front 1 tools,parts,water the other kitchen,on the rear 1 Photo equipment,electronic and some closes ,and the other closes and food

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Riseabovebb 11-22-10 03:40 AM

Very cool! What's your total mileage going to be? My friend just went to argentina, had a great time. Freezing in the mountains, nice everywhere else. I guess this is their spring.

Have fun!:D

gdlerner 11-22-10 05:38 AM

Hi Riseabovebb
we don t know now,usually we make about 120km a day but there is very hight so we will see after acclimatization.In december is sommer time,we are starting at Salta going to San Antonio de los Cobres,after Ruta 40 to the sal see down to Purmamarca ,after to the Norths Iruya indian villages on the mountains from there the same route on a track,bus to Salta( so we don t do it 2 times) and after going direction to the souths maybe until Tucuman and from there a bus to Buenos Aires, we have 7 weeks

vik 11-22-10 09:20 AM

Have a great ride....:thumb:

brakemeister 11-22-10 09:56 AM

7 weeks vacation .... you know we all hate you !!

wahoonc 11-22-10 05:05 PM

Sweet setup!

Aaron :)

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