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531phile 12-26-10 05:57 AM

Road handlebars on Dahon Speed 7
Anyone here cut the handlepost of the Dahon Speed D7 so they can fasten a regular 1.125" threadless stem? Like this guy:

I really want a Bike Friday NWT, but I can't afford one right now. I want a 20" wheel folding bike, but there isn't any affordable ones that take regular threadless stems so one can adjust the reach and switch out the poor ergonomic flat handlebar with a road handlebar.

The guy says of the mod "It was a total revelationů The D7 now steers like a normal bike"

Foldable Two 12-26-10 12:45 PM

We were lucky to be able to sell the D7's and purchase two Fridays, then two more last year. Way better for someone my size (6'3" with long legs and arms).

The 27-speeds (Dual Drive) on my NWT is nice, but I really like my Pocket 8 (large-sized frame), too. You might want to consider a Pocket 8.


irwin7638 01-03-11 12:24 PM

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For what it's worth, I changed the upright bar on my dahon expresso for trekking bars, no problem at all.


AEO 01-04-11 06:07 AM

use a 25.4mm drop bar in the stock clamp. If your stem uses the hinged clamp
I'd recommend the nitto 105.

The stem slopes forward and the drop bars add extra reach, so there's really no need to use a threadless stem to extend reach even further, but all you really need is a 1" threadless steerer to 1-1/8" shim to use a threadless stem.

I don't really think the bike steers normally, since that's more of a function of caster trail.

fietsbob 01-04-11 02:04 PM

What is the OD of the upper tube on the steering column of your Dahon Speed D7

One measurement is worth a thousand words.

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