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badmother 02-24-11 07:02 PM

What sort of Dahon?
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Hello. Could somebody plse tell me what sort of Dahon this is and its age? Thank you.

chagzuki 02-24-11 07:14 PM

That looks like a Dahon Courser, a chinese model that was never sold in America or Europe. I bought one on Ebay a few years back but sold it on quickly, not because it wasn't good but rather I settled on a Vitesse instead. It looks identical to the model I had which was from 2007. In the west Dahon changed their frame design in 2008 so that the latch is on the opposite side to this; if that happened in China also then this must be a 2007 model.

jur 02-24-11 08:12 PM

I also has this identical bike, it was sold to me unter the pretension of being a Jetstream. I was disgusted and returned it immediately. I did take a short test ride down the road and I don't remember it being good or bad.

chagzuki 02-24-11 08:15 PM

Ooops, I was wrong about the frame latch, it's only on higher end models plus the Curve that they changed design in 2008.

Amuro Lee 02-25-11 08:52 AM


badmother 02-25-11 02:56 PM

Thank you!

So if this is made for the Chinese market, is it safe to buy it for a 189 cm (6ft 2") 115 kg (bf) european? Is 190 an ok price for it? I bought a new folder (50% off) this autumn that looks to be at least same quality as this one. Anyone know the approx price new for this one (since I do not read Cinese..).

chagzuki 02-25-11 04:34 PM

Is it new? If it is then 190 is a very good price. Size will be the same as other Dahons. Spec-wise it's the same as the Vitesse D7 (but with rear suspension) and they seem to go for around 350 new with rrp over 400.

chagzuki 02-25-11 04:39 PM

Whether you want suspension is one thing though. . . it looks as though, like the jetstream, the handlepost folds to the outside, and the shock unit isn't adjustable AFAIR. Though you could switch the shock out for something else if you wanted.

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