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wernst 02-26-11 07:43 PM

Downtube Nova Owners: 3 Bike Measurements, Please?
Hey owners of Nova Downtubes,

For whatever reason, Dr. Yan isn't getting back to my emails about this, so maybe one of you happy Nova owners can break your a tape measure and tell me 3 things:

1. What's the maximum distance between the top of the saddle (at its max safe seatpost extension) to the top of the pedal at the pedal's lowest position?

2. What's the distance between the center of the seatpost (at it's max height, just below the saddle) to the center of the stem/handlebar crossbar when the stem is adjusted to be at about the same height as the saddle?

3. When the handlebar is extended to its max height, about how much higher are the handlebar grips above the saddle when the saddle is at its max safe height?

Thanks in advance, guys.


Dynocoaster 02-26-11 07:55 PM

Have you read this thread? On the first page a person over 6 foot states that it wasnt recommended for his height because of the geometry of the bike.

wernst 02-26-11 10:38 PM


And I've also read how someone who was 5'11" thought the Dahon Speed 7 was too small for them too, and based on my riding a Speed 7 today and thinking it was fine, I've come to the conclusion that what I need are hard measurements to make my own decision instead of someone else's fit impression.

So with that said, yes, I read that page and all the pages in that thread. Thanks for pointing out the thread, but it's not what I'm looking for,


wernst 02-28-11 12:15 PM

Weekday ping for measurements. Nothing?

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