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tcs 02-28-11 09:43 AM

Brompton + train tour

wahoonc 02-28-11 06:45 PM

Damn...Russ beat me to it! ;)

Long term dream/goal. Get a Brommie and an Amtrak pass... I have also toyed with the idea of flying places, I have the ability to pass ride (ride for free when seats are available) on certain airlines. But have been trying to figure out how to get a Brommie and the B-Pod to come in under 50#. For some reason the B-pod is listed as weighing in at 23# and I am sure the Brompton I want will hit right around the 30# mark.

Might have to go with a NWT, but I like the quick, compact fold of the Brommie for the time being.

Aaron :)

Omiak 03-01-11 04:31 PM

This is exactly the reason I aspire to buy a folding bike.

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