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sukram 03-01-11 08:57 PM

ibert child seat on a brompton?
OK, so, this morning as I was heading to work on the east side greenway in Manhattan I came upon another Brompton rider with a front mount child seat, looked a lot like the iBert (, well, it was green)

I thought it was absolutely brilliant...

Anyone seen this before?

Amuro Lee 03-02-11 11:36 AM

Thank you for posting. I haven't seen it before.:)

However, I know there's another great child seat for Brompton.:thumb:

fietsbob 03-02-11 12:55 PM Check here for the itchair, in the US 03-03-11 08:38 AM

Also check out the Bobike Mini - also used on Bromptons.

sukram 03-03-11 11:53 AM

The itchair looks brilliant, but not easily acquired. Unfortunately my daughter is just about too big for any of these bike seats now, and she wants to ride on her own on her trike mostly. When she was the perfect age for the bike seats we weren't living in a great place to bring her out for a ride.

semaler 03-04-11 10:32 AM

The itchair looks great, I'd like something similar for my Dahon Curve!

Amuro Lee 05-09-11 04:59 PM

Another child seat for Brompton in Taiwan

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